The Sacred Blueprint™ For Our New Earth


We start September 20 at 10 am EST.



The way we are building our homes, our neighbourhoods, our cities and inhabiting the land is wrong. Through careless, greedy and patriarchal approaches to land development, we’ve been dominating the Earth vs. honouring the Earth.

The nature spirits are urging me to speak on their behalf. 

Gaia, the Earth Spirit, is going through an incredible birthing process right now. She sees this as a great opportunity for us to completely transform the way we relate to the land. But, she needs our support and she needs us to listen.

Gaia wants to be actively involved in the building of our new world! 

What could this look like? 


Imagine a beautiful world flowing with abundance, rich with sweet nectars and fruits, where birds are singing, where children are laughing and playing outside in nature amongst buildings that breathe like plants and gardens filled with nourishing food and fountains of paradise!

What would our homes, communities, cities look like if they were transformed into healing sanctuaries in partnership with Gaia? 

This circle of wise experts will help us answer these questions…

Meet the Circle of Earth Energy Experts

They’ve devoted their lives to working in partnership with Gaia and will reveal the keys to building healing sanctuaries for our future

September 20, 10am EST

Nicky Koopmans

Geomancer, House Healer, Founder of Happy Holon

For over 30 years, Nicky Koopmans has been studying the subtle and unseen energies in the environment. While doing so, she became a geomancer and house healer. As a teenager, she discovered that she was absorbing more information from her environment than one would expect with ‘normal use’ of senses. She saw analogies and connections between people, events and the environment that others were not aware of. This awakened a curiosty to actively research and find out exactly how her awareness was set up. And, on this path she discovered Geomancy. Nicky completed education, internships, and training with Geomancy experts at home and abroad and as a result, is one of the few (perhaps the only one) in the Netherlands who has become acquainted with so many different approaches to this age-old system. Now, she helps her clients understand what their house is trying to tell them, and resolves energetic issue(s) to maintain long-term health & harmony. Nicky’s the founder of Happy Holon and offers courses, programs, and private consulting for transforming people’s homes into their Personal Power Place.

September 21, 10am EST

Jamie Miller

Engineer, Biomimicry Designer, Founder of Biomimicry Frontiers 

Jamie Miller is the Founder of Biomimicry Frontiers – an award-winning sustainability consultancy based out of Guelph, Ontario. He earned his PhD in engineering at the University of Guelph, focusing on systems-level biomimicry in urban resilience and was the co-director of the Biomimicry program at OCAD University. In 2019, Jamie started the Biomimicry Commons, an education and incubation platform, which Fast Company called a “World Changing Idea”. He is a two-time TEDx speaker and was named a “New Centurion” by the David Suzuki Foundation.

September 22 , 10am EST

Christian Kyriacou

Architect, House Whisperer, Author, Geomancer, Feng Shui Consultant

Christian Kyriacou is an Architect, House Whisperer, Author, Geomancer and Feng Shui Consultant. His psychotherapeutic approach to people and buildings, involves reading the invisible energies of spaces and helping people understand their relationship to them. Encouraging self-responsibility, he guides people to make simple yet powerful changes which lead to resolving many life issues. In 2016, Christian established The House Whispering Academy, taking people through 24 Modules of in-depth subjects leading to becoming Certified House Whispering Practitioners. He has appeared on international television and radio since 1993 as an inspirational speaker on topics such as the relationship of sound and sacred space, architectural harmonics and music, geomancy and Feng Shui. Christian’s psychotherapeutic approach involves reading and understanding the consciousness of buildings, which in turn affects the relationship of people to their homes and workplaces.

September 23 , 10am EST

Surprise Guest!





September 24, 10am EST

Reinhard Coppenrath

Holistic Architect, Founder of European Academy for Applied Intuition & Lifeart

Reinhard Coppenrath is a world traveller, trainer, author and consultant. He’s a visionary who designs his projects “from what comes towards him from the future”. He calls his working method “Systematic Intuition” and his perspective “holistic”. Reinhard studied organic architecture and sculpture at Alanus University in Germany and completed independent education in Warsaw. His vital question lies in the development of holistic architectural design methods. He regularly holds international seminars on Architecture, Intuition & Spirit of Place. Reinhard is the founder of the European Academy for Applied Intuition & Lifeart.

September 25,  10am EST

Tufan Güven

Biophoton Practitioner, Fractal Physics & Sacred Geometry Researcher, Founder of Fraktal Alan

Tufan is a researcher in the field of Fractal Physics and a Biophoton Practitioner. Tufan started his career in finance focusing on hedge fund management and in 2008, grew an interest in the Physics of Fractality. As he was researching and reflecting on the implications of fractality on natural formations and living systems, he found his way into Healing Arts. He is currently working as a Biontologist/ private biophoton practitioner, investigative writer, event and conference organizer, researcher of occult subjects, and developer of 3D geometric models. He shares his research and information on fractal field physics, sacred geometry, holographic models of reality, physics of biophotons via online seminars, in events and conferences, and as a guest lecturer in University Campuses. He also collaborates with other researchers in complementary fields of study. Tufan is developing tools and utilizing sacred geometry modeling to facilitate learning for kids and adults. He is combining curiosity and fun for learning that cultivate student’s imagination and understanding. He writes in multiple magazines and websites locally and internationally.

September 26,  10am EST

Sue Holmes

Shamanic Healer, Geomancer, Teacher, Space Clearing & Feng Shui Consultant 

Sue has been a certified healer since 1995 and teacher since 1999.  She is recognised by her industry peers as a ‘master healer and teacher’ through the strength of her experience, expertise and integrity. As a catalyst for change, her passion is facilitating transformation for others – with shamanic energy healing, feng shui, space clearing and geomancy – and training people in these skills. Sue has supported thousands of clients throughout the UK & abroad, with professional consultations for every imaginable space, certified training courses, and personal healing sessions. She is profoundly grateful that she’s participated in hundreds of ceremonies with different lineages from different parts of the world. Sue’s work has been featured on TV: ITV’s ‘Dancing on ice’; Channel 4’s ‘Steph’s Packed Lunch’; More 4’s ‘Location, location, location; Channel 5’s ‘Eamonn & Ruth’s Sleep show’ and newspapers: in The Guardian, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Spirit & Destiny, Dowsing Today & numerous other magazines, radio shows & online interviews since 2007. She’s a singer-songwriter (album ‘Heaven on Earth’) and her debut book is being birthed! Sue is based between London and Lisbon with clients throughout UK and internationally. She offers her services in person, remotely and online.

September 27, 10am EST

Lydia & Arturo de León

Geobiology & Sacred Geometry Architects, Founders of Geophilia International

Lydia is a Greek Architect and Wellness Coach, with a focus on the relation of buildings on health and well-being. She holds a Ph.D in Physiology on the subject of the effect on geophysical anomalies on biology and has published in peer-review journals and conferences, as well as an MSc in Sustainable Environmental Design. She has been researching for 15 years the relation of ancient temples and their location, and she the author of the book “The Power of Sacred Location”. She is the creator of Healing Architecture and co-founder of Geophilia.

Arturo is a Mexican Architect, Engineer, Psychologist and expert in Sacred Geometry, which he has been teaching for 20 years and applying to architectural design in all scale projects. He is founder of the companies Psicogeometria, Arqka and the University of Sacred Geometry and cofounder of Geophilia. He is the author of two books, “Psicogeometria: el poder de la vida” (Psychogeometry: the power of life) and Biofractal: the science of Sacred Geometry and Biological Architecture” . He is an international speaker in universities, conferences and seminars.

Meet Me, Your Host…

Aisha Rose Melodie Hassan

Architect [Turkey], Alchemical Healing Practitioner, Founder of The Living Locus

I am the founder of THE LIVING LOCUS – a visioning & design studio that offers guidance for transformational leaders on how to create their dream sanctuaries through a new modality that bridges spirituality & architecture. I work in a multi-disciplinary intuitive way that synthesizes my knowledge and skills in Architecture, Esoteric Research, Geomancy (Dowsing), Alchemical Healing, Land Healing, Anthroposophy and Art. I am a Certified Alchemical Healing Practitioner and a Licensed Architect [Turkey] with over 18 years of design and construction experience in Canada, Germany, Switzerland and Turkey. I am committed to helping people awaken their inner capacity to create beauty in collaboration with the Spirits of Nature so that they can live in spaces that fulfill their soul & life goals. I stand for transformation, the healing of this planet and the building of nourishing environments that support a resilient new aeon.

A heartfelt thanks to our sponsor!

Geometric Models is honored to be sponsoring this series and gives a big thank you to The Living Locus for both inviting brilliant speakers to this conference and imparting invaluable knowledge to others. Since geometry is omnipresent in mother nature (from the spirals of the galaxies, to pine cones, sun flowers, honeycombs to the structure of subatomic particles and molecules) Geometric Models has been devoting its efforts to improving the understanding of geometry through its unique tools that enhance perception and visualization of this occurrence.

Join us to start building your new earth sanctuary with Gaia!


Watch: Sacred Geometry Design in Ancient Temples
with Tufan Guven