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Fractal University is a compilation of Dan Winter and partners life long work providing knowledge of the ancients

Learn Sacred Geometry With Leading Practitioners And Mentors

Dan Winter

Creator Of FractalU Sacred Geometry Practician

Patrick Botte

Sacred Geometry Trainer

Тufan Guven

Sacred Geometry Trainer

2023 Course Calendar

ALL Courses are SUNDAY’s – 2pm NY (EST) Time = 11am California = 8pm Paris Time – about 90 min. – in general open discussion / Q&A – is planned at the end of each event..

Will take place on ZOOM-> Look for ZOOM link here- available a few days before each event..


Jan 8 – Dan Winter – Review- Sacred Geometry (basic core science) FRACTAL wave mechanics of -implosion, – negentropy, -life force, – consciousness in the brain, -gravity making

Jan 15 – Iris Huizing – Training Kids to See Without Their Eyes- Bliss /Biofeedback training with young people- see

Jan 22 – Tufan Guven – Fractal Field Physics -(a gentler introduction? ) Clear definition of bioactive fields, phase conjugation, constructive wave interference, harmonic inclusiveness, perfect embedding.

Jan 29 – Dan Winter (bit more advanced) – Fractal Phase Conjugation – Deeper Physics of Gravity – Vacuum Energy, ELECTRICAL PHYSICS of- Negentropy, Life Force, Consciousness and Rejuvenation

Feb 5 – Michael Welk & Katharina Sonneborn – Plasma – Quantaphi – Music & Remote Healing- see

Feb 12 – Jenefer Bell – Forming a Lucid Dreaming Team – Shamanic and Healing – see – (also Telegram group: Luciddreamteam

Feb 19 – Dan Winter – HOW Works- (ref) , Plasma Rejuvenation Working in 25 Countries

Feb 26 – Patrick Botte – FlameinSound / FlameinMind Audio Binaural beats (for bliss/ brain states) – About binaural beat. Why using cranio-sacral beat frequencies –

Mar 5 – Tufan Guven – Entangled Dimensions and Simulation Argument – Brief history of holographic sciences, advancement of virtual realities and fractal systems.

Mar 12 – Dan Winter – Real Science of SOUL – DNA Braid/ Aura Implosion in to the Longitudinal / Dreamspell -the ONLY REQUIRED History Lesson- Because it is the Only Way OUT — of mortality , of A.I. Control.. , of Soul-less Borg Empires.. – (note subject change- the IMPLODER Course – now April 30) – Film is UP! Ultimate PHYSICS of SOUL: from Soulless A.I. to Real Electrical Immortality with a passionate  Dan Winter   ONLY by teaching governments the direct electrical principles which ensoul us by enabling longitudinal coherence –  Rainbow Light Body physics-can lead us from the trap of soul-less A.I. and governments.

Mar 19 – Patrick Botte – – Focus on Brainwaves- and IN THE FLOW (front vs rear brain) – and – Linking Heart (HRV) to Brainwave-> INFRASOUND: – Film Up! , Will I Get BLISS? Brainwaves vs Heart Deep Dive, Flameinmind with Patrick Botte & (Patrick’s site) Bliss Binaural Life Force Measure , Kids seeing with inner eyes , Kundalini sacro-cranial Pure Implosion Sound Note Patrick shared this film now WITH A TABLE OF CONTENTS:

Mar 26 – Dan Winter – Extra Terrestrial Earth History – in the context of evolution of consciousness – has Hermes returned?? –

April 2 – Dan Winter – Practical LifeStyle for a Blissful & Immortalized- Aura: Discipline of Shareable Thought, Geobiology, Kinesthetic, Diet, Clothing,

April 9 – Dan Winter – Serious Physics – of our “STAR TREK FUTURE” – Warp, Impulse, Stargates, Portals, & Dimensions

April 16 – Dan Winter – Memories & Lessons with Bucky, Bentov, Puharich, Vogel, Arthur Young, Chris Bird, Al Ax, Bearden… Down Memory Lane- Physics of Consciousness 20th Century Leaders

April 23 – Teresa Burns – The Powerful HYPERCUBE: Symmetry of Implosion? In John DEE, Ophanim Enochian – Way to Angelics? AND Ancestor Communiction?
see – Alchemy Ophanim Facebook group, &

April 30 – Dan Winter – Implosion in water – – Hyper Solubility for Agriculture and Health – As the core FRACTAL wave mechanics of implosion, negentropy life force, consciousness .. Superimploder and Ultraimploder

May 7 – Patrick Botte – itHRVe Deep Sleep Night analysis – HRV and Sleep Study –


Dan Winter – , , , , , , , training session will be about 90 min- including Q&AALSO Offered – Private Consult with Dan Winter – 60-90 Min.
1. Intro to Sacred Geometry (for the novice)

as the core FRACTAL wave mechanics of
-implosion, – negentropy
-life force, – consciousness in the brain
-gravity making

2. (for those with some technical orientation)
Fractal Phase ConjugateELECTRICAL PHYSICS of-
Negentropy, Gravity, Life Force, Consciousness
3. HOW Works
Plasma Rejuvenation Working in 25 Countries
Discussion of Results Reports

History and Practical Application of


6. Theory and Practice of Bliss Brainwaves Biofeedback

also – addiction & brainwaves.

7. Heart Coherence / Empathy / Tantra Biiofeedback
HEART COHERENCE – History and examples.

8. ET History
The Story and Implications for Conscious Evoltuion


Patrick Botte –with these NFT’s you will be invited an exclusive private group training with Patrick Botte , -Programmer for , , , , phivibes.comEach training session will be about 90 min- including Q&A

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