Fractal Conjugate Space & Time: Cause of Negentropy, Gravity and Perception


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Conjuring Life- The Fractal Shape of TIME Geometric Origins of Biologic Negentropy.

If someone is to help you understand FRACTAL FIELDS- centripetal life force and biologic rejuvenation ( commercial proof it works: )- you will definitely need a scientist who knows why an object falls to the ground (thus excluding Einstein and Stephen Hawkins). Gravity is a centripetal electrical force. Golden ratio perfected fractality/recursion/embedding called phase conjugation- is proven to be negentropic/ self-organizing – ‘self aware’. This LIFE PRINCIPLE allows charge waves to add and multiply (heterodyne) recursively constructively not just their wave lengths- but also their phase VELOCITY. This converts a part of the charge COMPRESSION toward center into charge ACCELERATION toward center – named THE GRAVITY – and the ORIGIN OF ALL BIOLOGIC NEGENTROPY (book).

The MOST audacious hypothesis since the dawn of science!
Winter presents overwhelming hard evidence- fractal conjugate (golden ratio) wave mechanics
is the CAUSE of gravity, life force, perception, and spiritual immortality.
(and so far NO one has presented a shred of evidence that he is wrong??)

A complete tour-de-force- with astounding implications for virtually every branch of science:
using Winter’s accurate new equation the frequency recipe: most EVERY wave system can be tuned to emerge from chaos!
– The Schumann Earth harmonics – (Winter PROVED- are a phase conjugate pump wave)
– can be tweaked to bring climate and atmosphere OUT of chaos.
The SAME frequency recipe from Winter’s equation can PRODUCE simple charge environments (AND EEG signatures)
– to RESTORE human attention. ..and this is just the beginning!
Winter’s group has already a promising
(Priore re-invented using the precise PRINCIPLE of conjugation) rejuvenation field prototype -based exactly on this frequency set.

THE GENERALIZED WAY OUT OF CHAOS- in- to the pure principle of sustainability
– THAT is what the origin of NEGENTROPY is.
Complete physics of non-linear propulsion: impulse vs warp gravity field projection explained in detail.
We have the pure physics of alchemy now that the PRECISE wave geometry of non-destructive collapse is defined.
Precise physics of fusion energy- now that the wave mechanics of charge fusion is precisely defined
(hint: if you know HOW to make a phase conjugate longitudinal pump wave- the brain does it- called ‘ flame in the mind’
-but instead – in the microwave, this is the absolute holy grail of plasma containment for fusion solution.)

Donation: 40.00 USD

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Are you into golden ratio?

Is harmony an arbiter in your life?

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The Harmonizer is a tool where you can measure the golden mean, aka the golden ratio and phi proportions. Harmonizer’s own proportions (dimensions of legs and inner parts) are charge embedding, all based on golden ratio multiples of ‘sacred’ foot and also golden ratio multiples of Planck distance!, which is charge resonant and phase conjugate, which are explained first by John Michell’s and later by Dan Winter’s equations independently. The Harmonizer doesn’t only have the ratio, it also fits to the universal frequency cascade perfectly! All other golden ratio rulers had the ratio but not the scale. The Harmonizer has the ratio AND the scale (embed-able) together to allow a higher potential for capacitance! For more details click here…