Star Mother Kit

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The Star Mother Kit is an  Ultimate Learning Tool for 3-Dimensional Fractal, Sacred Geometry Modeling, designed by Dan Winter..

  • It is a precise model of The Geometric Origins of Biologic Negentropy, Literally Fractal (Conjugate) Space-Time.
  • Can be used for meditation, for visualizing and understanding sacred geometry, and, as the geometry of the universe.
  • Closely related to the five platonic solids, even for teaching mathematics.
  • Embeds: StarTetra (Green) / Octa (Red) / Cube (White) 1.0 / Inner Dodec (White) .618 / Icosa (Yellow) 1.618 / Outer Dodec (White ) 2.618

Creates Precise Geometric Model Of:
a) The Radii of Hydrogen in relation to planck radius core
b) The generalized geometry of all phase conjugation and fusion (alKHEMy) and perfected fractality, commercial examples: (bioactive electric fields), , and the concept in essence- complete physics summary

The hydrogen center bond of each codon is phase conjugate / fractal / implosive /negentropic! – – The center of each implosive CODON rung on the DNA ladder- IS the HYDROGEN atom which is precisely implosive / phase conjugate in nuclear structure:  Since Winters new equation proved that at least 3 radii of hydrogen are precisely whole number golden ratio exponents times planck length, it offers a corrected picture of the radii of hydrogen- at the heart of DNA’s implosive braid: Phase Conjugate TORNADO- to the SOUL: the black hole wormhole down the center zipper of DNA!

Donation: 100.00 USD

Please contact to order.

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star mother kit

Icosa cross section

~ Contents and instructions big thanks to Dan Winter- ~


The Star Mother Kit II is built from 286 individual items, 58 ball connectors and 228 rods.


40 white connectors


12 yellow connectors


6 red connectors


90 long rods


30 medium rods


72 short rods


36 green rods


size comparison

Assembly Instructions provided with the kit.

Santiago from Argentina loved his Star Mother Kit (below pictures)

You can charge your seeds, rock powder… etc.

Simply place them at the center of your Star Mother Kit in an environment with high fractality.

Below slides are taken from a part of a presentation at the “Break-thru Technologies Conference” in South France, 2019. Conference sponsored by Roger Green and Dan Winter. Presentation (with the below slides) sponsored by Geometric Models, presented by Tufan Guven.

Axis of symmetries are shown with the Star Mother Kit to explain the difference of octave and golden ratio (the divine proportion).

Video: Dan Winter’s Star Mother Model: The Fractal Geometry of Implosion, DNA, and Human Energy field

Daniel Fulga, US

The kit was assembled successfully … all while holding my breath.
Thank you,

Don’t forget to check the Vector Flexor (a.k.a. Bucky’s Jitterbug)!

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