Temple Tour – Priene, Miletus, Didyma

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In this beautiful 1 day tour we will visit important temples of Ancient Greece and we will have the opportunity to experience directly the Science of Space Harmonics, which is related to both geophysical anomalies and sacred geometry design.

We will do meditations and energy exercises to connect to the power of these sacred places so we can imprint their field on our field..

Program Details (20 May 2019)

  • Coach departs from Bodrum Center at 08:30.
  • Coffee break at the Bafa Lake.
  • Visit to the Ancient City of Priene.

Priene is an ancient Hellenistic city of Ionia located just to the north of Miletus. It was built on the sea coast, overlooking the ocean on steep slopes and terraces extending from sea level to a height of 380 metres above sea level at the top of the escarpment. The first information about Priene belongs to 7th century BC. The temples that we will be visiting are: Temple of Athena, Temple of Zeus, Temple of Kybele, Temple of Demeter and Persefone, Temple of Egypt. Additionally, the house of Alexander the Great, The Church of Byzantium, Agora, Theater, Gymnasion can be seen as well.

  • Lunch.
  • Visit to the Ancient City of Miletus.

2226Miletus, a.k.a. the philosophers city, was an ancient Greek city on the south of Priene with a great maritime power. The attraction points in the ancient city includes: The Roman Theater with the capacity of 15.000, Roman baths, Delphinion which is a religious center and the parliament building which was constructed on the 2nd century AD.

  • Visit to Didyma (Didymaion)

Didyma was an ancient Greek sanctuary on the coast of Ionia and belonged to the famous city of Miletus. Apollo was the main deity of the sanctuary of Didyma, also called Didymaion. It contained temples for the twins Apollo and Artemis. Other deities were adorned within the sanctuary too. The Didymaion was well known in antiquity because of its oracle. This oracle of Apollo was situated within the world’s greatest temple for Apollo.

  • Arrival to Bodrum / end of tour at 19:30.


  • 1 day Temple Tour: 100 EUR
  • Registrant cancellation deadline 3rd May, 2019
  • Contact details for subscription: goldenmeantrajectory@gmail.com

29227045573_6077ba965f_bPrice includes:
+Professional tour guide
+Museum and tourist entry fees
+Meditation and energy exercises by Lydia and Arturo

Price excludes:
-Personal expenditures
-Lunch and drinks


  • The tour starts from Bodrum Center at 08:30 on the 20th May and ends in Bodrum Center only.
  • The Organizer has the right to change the program details if necessary.
  • The Temple Tour is organized as an optional program. The understanding of the science of the Tour will be covered in “Sacred Science of Ancient Temples” certification program which is scheduled to take place in Bodrum starting on the 17th May and ends on the 19th May, 2019. If you also want to reserve your place at the “Sacred Science of Ancient Temples” certification program you can subscribe directly at goldenmeantrajectory@gmail.com
  • You save 30 EUR by taking the full package: 3 day Certification Program + 1 day Temple Tour: 260 EUR
  • “Sacred Science of Ancient Temples” event details, please click here!

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