Temet Nosce (Know Thyself) Poster

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Temet Nosce – the Ancient Greek aphorism meaning Know Thyself is one of the three maxims inscribed in the temple of Appolo in Delphi.

The idea behind this poster stems from a journey (in the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom) that each of us undertakes either consciously or subsunsciously.

As the poster unfolds so do our lives- from building up own’s individuality to learning how to co- exist with others, to becoming aware of the uncanny connection of one to the universe.

This poster is a visual representation of a spiritual transformation.

Graphic & design by: AMG and Mitchell Charles Art

Paper Quality: GardaPat 13 BIANKA

Garda 2 side coated woodfree paper, warm natural shade, with a matt surface and high bulk (volume 1.3).

Thanks to advanced technology, it is able to combine high thickness (volume 1.3, 40% higher than any other traditional matt paper at the same substance) with a velvet surface.

The pulp is bleached using an Elementary Chlorine Free (ECF) process – Acid free. Age resistant. Environmental friendly. Recyclable paper. Paper produced in Italy.

Please contact info@geometricmodels.org to order.

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