Geometry in Nature Poster

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Available sizes:
A1: 23 x 33 inches (60 x 84 cm)
A3: 12 x 17 inches (30 x 42 cm)

Hi-res samples of the poster below.

“Geometry in Nature Poster” is a visual representation of the ever-present connection of the universe, geometry, nature, and consciousness. Sacred geometry and occurrence of fractality is a great way to explain the deep rooted connections between Natural Phenomena, Science and Spirituality.

There are many mathematical and geometrical reflections in self sustaining forms. Some of these are sequences like the Fibonacci, ratios like the divine ratio (aka phi), toroidal dynamics among many other relationships like hexagonal, octagonal… etc. This poster displays an artistic expression of higher intelligence giving shape to self organizing forms specifically with the divine ratio (pent, phi, 1.618… ) in connection with the torus form. This can be clearly seen in the apple form famous with its connection with the “Garden of Eden”. The apple not only has a toroidal topology in its form it also contains the divine ratio in the form of pent in its cross section.

Examples of self organizing systems in connection with the divine (golden) ratio are endless as golden ratio in all fractal systems is fundamental for all self organizing and centripetal forces. Dan Winter elaborates on golden ratio perfected fractal phase conjugation in his latest book: “Fractal Conjugate Space and Time: Cause of Negentropy, Gravity and Perception” also available here (click for details).

The human body, flowers, the Venus & Earth year together with the solar system are only some of the examples that reflect the beauty of intelligent design in self organizing systems. We hope that this poster brings harmony and peace to the observers life as these are the basic qualities of the divine ratio.

Graphic & design by: Mitchell Charles Art for Geometric Models.

Paper Quality: GardaPat 13 BIANKA

Garda 2 side coated woodfree paper, warm natural shade, with a matt surface and high bulk (volume 1.3).

Thanks to advanced technology, it is able to combine high thickness (volume 1.3, 40% higher than any other traditional matt paper at the same substance) with a velvet surface.

The pulp is bleached using an Elementary Chlorine Free (ECF) process – Acid free. Age resistant. Environmental friendly. Recyclable paper. Paper produced in Italy.

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